Q    :  What is your services?
A    :  Our services are construction , specifically on villa or private residence
        Structural and Architectural Finishes. 

Q    :  What if I don't have drawings yet?
A    :  No worry , we can recommend you our architect partners.

Q    :  How long it takes for the construction?
A    :  It depends on the complexity of the project.
        Our experience,it takes around 9-12 months.The more simple the more faster

Q    :  How to communicate the project during construction if I'm not living 
        in Bali ?
A    :  We will send you the progress and photo report regularly and ensure 
        the smooth communication by email, phone or skype.

Q    :  How much your team capacity ?
A    :  Since we focus on excellent delivery to our clients. We only do maximum 5
        projects at the same time.